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If you’ve already invested in a hot tub, now you must keep it safe from airborne debris, algae, bugs, and other environmental dangers. At One Stop Spa Shop, we sell a variety of covers and accessories that are designed to protect your hot tub investment from these outside pollutants. We are not talking about some flimsy plastic cover that you throw over the top of the tub like you see with above-ground swimming pools. The covers we have available for hot tubs are made of strong sealing materials like multi-layer foam, resin, heat stopping pads, polyester vinyl (double reinforced), and a steel center.
Although hot tub covers are not as lightweight as a mere plastic cover, you can easily fold one side over to make it more convenient for adding chemicals when you’re not using the tub. Then, when you place the cover back over the water of the hot tub and secure it down with the straps that are included, the strength of the cover’s materials will prevent water and heat from escaping. The heat sealing is particularly important because if you have a flimsy cover that allows heat to escape, then it will have to consume more electrical power just to maintain the water’s temperature. As a result, your power bill will increase and nobody wants that. So, by purchasing a cover from One Stop Spa Shop, you can make sure the heat stays trapped inside your hot tub while it’s not being used. Meanwhile, you’ll be saving money on your electrical bill.
In addition to covers, One Stop Spa Shop has a variety of helpful accessories for making the use of your hot tub easier. For example, a lot of our customers find that having side steps on the outside of their tub will make it easier for them to get into it. If you request side steps from us, we can install them right next to your tub. That way, you’ll never have to leap over the side of the tub again just to get into it. Also, if you find the weight of the covers to be too much for you to lift by yourself, we have cover lifters available to assist you. These lifters also come in handy by keeping the cover off the ground while you’re using the tub. This will prevent dirt and contaminants from the ground to get onto your cover and then infect the water after you put the cover back on.
Of course, our most popular accessories have to do with maintaining water. We have water filters, pH testers, pH reducers, pH increasers, remote monitoring systems, chlorine, antifreeze, thermometer and more. When our serviceperson comes to initially install your hot tub, they can recommend certain accessories which they feel will benefit you the most. If there is an accessory they don’t mention but you’re interested in having it, let them know anyway. We have all types of hot tub accessories available and not all of them are advertised directly on our website.
If you have a hot tub that wasn’t purchased through One Stop Spa Shop and you need a cover for it, we can customize a new cover so that it will fit it. Our serviceperson will just come out to your location and take measurements of your hot tub. From there, we will create a new cover for you within 4 weeks. You can even choose any color that you want.
If you have any questions or inquiries that you’d like to make about our covers or accessories, give us a call at 631-846-4910 and we’ll be happy to accommodate your wishes the best we can.

Spa covers they are all custom made to fit we come out we measure you choose your color they take 3 to 4 weeks

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After a long hard day at work, I love to grab a glass of wine and relax a bit in my newly installed spa. I feel so great after a nice soak. Thank you One Stop Spa Shop. You've made my dreams come true. - Holly B.
The pump for my hot tub went out, and One Stop Spa was able to come out and get it working for me. I enjoy a nice soak in my hot tub on the weekends, being without has been a bummer but John and Brian… - Susan