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A lot of people think that installing a hot tub on their property is a simple task. But there are legal, electrical, and constructional aspects of hot tub installations that laymen people are not familiar with. It would be wise to hire the services of a professional hot tub installation company which can ensure that all these aspects are taken care of the right way.

Our team at One Stop Spa Shop has been providing hot tub installations for many decades now. We can take care of virtually any hot tub installation that is possible to do. The good news is that hot tubs do not require any type of plumbing. All the water that goes into the hot tub is added through a hose. This means there is no worrying about installing and cleaning pipes or anything like that.

Before the installation process begins, the first step will be to obtain a building permit from your local zoning and planning office. They will want to verify that the hot tub installation will comply with the city and county codes of your area. For example, you can’t just place a hot tub in your front yard and expect the city to be okay with that. The city needs to make sure the area on your property in which you install the hot tub will comply with local city codes. Do not worry because One Stop Spa Shop will be assisting you with this process from beginning to end.

The location of your hot tub must have enough free space around it for maintenance to be performed in the future. Although most city codes have different rules, the typical rule is that your hot tub must be at least 5 feet from your home and at least 10 feet from the nearest power lines. After this has been approved and you receive your building permit, we will begin by prepping the spot on your property where the hot tub will go. This means we will construct a foundation for the tub since it will likely weigh between 2,000 and 3,000 pounds. A solid foundation will ensure this weight is supported firmly.

When the spot is finished being prepped, the installation of the hot tub will begin. We will deliver the entire hot tub to your location and install it right on the foundation which was previously laid out. If the hot tub you chose contains electrical components, a licensed electrician will be used to hook up the hot tub to your power supply. Since the voltage of a hot tub is higher than what a normal home outlet can support, the electrician will work on your electrical control box by installing a new breaker for it.

Lastly, we will begin filling your hot tub with water until it is at the appropriate level. To start you off right, we will apply the appropriate chemicals to the water so that it remains sanitary for use. From there, you can have our service professionals at One Stop Spa Shop regularly maintain your hot tub’s water and ensure that the tub’s components are in proper working order. That way, your investment is protected and your hot tub will last you for a long time.

With every hot tub purchase, the installation will come free of charge. If you have any questions or inquiries about our installation process, you can call our customer service representatives at One Stop Spa Shop anytime during business hours. We will work with you to make sure that your dream and vision of your home’s next hot tub becomes a reality.

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After a long hard day at work, I love to grab a glass of wine and relax a bit in my newly installed spa. I feel so great after a nice soak. Thank you One Stop Spa Shop. You've made my dreams come true. - Holly B.
The pump for my hot tub went out, and One Stop Spa was able to come out and get it working for me. I enjoy a nice soak in my hot tub on the weekends, being without has been a bummer but John and Brian… - Susan