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One Stop Spa Shop offers its expertise in the field of hot tub spa maintenance and repair services. When you own a hot tub, it needs to be maintained on a regular basis just like a swimming pool. This means the water inside the hot tub needs to constantly be filtered and sanitized so that it stays clean.That way, the overall health of those who use the hot tub will be protected and secured.

You need to ensure the pH levels of your hot tub water stays within a healthy range. We recommend the pH level be at a minimum of 7.2 and a maximum of 7.8. If you have a high pH level, the water will become cloudy and form scales. As a result, it could cause damage to the hot tub’s equipment and force you to use more sanitizer. If you have a low pH level, then it means the water is too acidic. This could also damage your hot tub as well as burn your eyes while you’re in it. If you hire us to maintain your pH levels, you will never have to worry about these problems ever happening to you.

The best way to preserve your hot tub is to have routine maintenance performed on it so that you prevent any possible water contamination. It isn’t enough to just place a cover over your hot tub or pour cleaning chemicals into it every so often. Certain parts and components of your hot tub need to be regularly inspected to ensure they are not damaged or causing any water to leak from the tub. You can schedule our hot tub professionals to inspect your hot tub for leaks and if there are any, they will repair the part that is causing the leak.

Believe it or not, most hot tubs will get leaks during the winter time. When that freezing cold air strikes, it can easily cause the water pump to freeze and eventually cause a leak. One Stop Spa Shop can repair any part of your hot tub that is not working properly. Upon our inspection, we can repair water pumps, water heaters, filters, timers, valves, controls, electrical lines, and whatever else might be wrong. It doesn’t even matter if you’ve previously purchased your hot tub from us in the past or not. Our experts know how to repair any hot tub brand, no matter how old or new.

A lot of hot tub repair companies will outsource their labor to third-party companies. Rest assured that One Stop Spa Shop will never outsource our repair work to other companies. All the repair services we provide are conducted by our own team of professionals who are actually employed with the company. Each serviceperson holds the proper licenses and credentials for performing this repair service too. On top of that, their years of experience make them qualified to repair any hot tub, regardless of its size, shape, or age.

You will only be able to filter and chemically clean the water in your hot tub for so long. After 3 to 4 months, the water will need to be completely drained from your hot tub and then the tub should be cleaned thoroughly and inspected without any water in it. Once any necessary repairs are made after the cleaning, new water is added back to the hot tub. We have all the hardware and tools necessary to make this process quick and simple.

If you have questions or comments about our hot tub repair services or if you want to schedule a free consultation, please contact us by calling 631-846-4910 and a customer service representative will solve whatever hot tub problem you may have.


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After a long hard day at work, I love to grab a glass of wine and relax a bit in my newly installed spa. I feel so great after a nice soak. Thank you One Stop Spa Shop. You've made my dreams come true. - Holly B.
The pump for my hot tub went out, and One Stop Spa was able to come out and get it working for me. I enjoy a nice soak in my hot tub on the weekends, being without has been a bummer but John and Brian… - Susan